Self Care Discussion, Creating Change Conference Applications

Join us today for a discussion on Self-Care! We’ll be meeting a 2pm in Lerner 568 as usual.

We’ve been working this semester to get funding to bring Columbia Students to the Creating Change Conference! Read the blurb below for more info and how to apply:

Apply to Attend Creating Change
Deadline: Wednesday, November 26th
Every year, there’s a national conference called Creating Change that brings together over 3,500 LGBTQA+ students, activists, and organizers from across the country. This year,CQA–through generous funding support, including the support of the Office of the University Chaplain–has set up a fund so that a limited number of Columbia students can attend Creating Change in Denver, Colorado (http://www.creatingchange.org/).
This application is need-blind, but funding will be provided on a sliding scale basis. Applications will be evaluated by staff in the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of the University Chaplain. If selected, funding will support airfare, hotel, and registration fees for the conference.
If you are interested in applying for funding to attend, please fill out this application by November 26th!”

Also, we’re cosponsoring a potluck with GenderRevolution this tuesday, at Qhouse from 7-9pm, so please join us! The facebook event is here.

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