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What Should Claire (and Ariana!) Wear to First Friday?

Hey everyone, it’s getting to be that time of year again–when YOU have to help VP Claire (and special guest, Ariana) decide what to wear to First Friday: The Vagina Ball.  Not only is this the last First Friday of 2010, it’s also Claire’s last First Friday till next (school) year!!  You know the deal: check out the outfits, leave your vote for your favorite–let’s make it a good one!

Ariana Option 1: Santa’s Little Helper

This lovely elf mistress seems to have wandered a long way from the North Pole. She may be Santa’s little helper, but her flesh-colored “holiday” shirt with complimentary red elf socks just scream vagina. Her revealing short-shorts are jet black, just like the coal that this naughty girl will be getting for Christmas. Judging by that sultry pose, if you play your cards right, coal might not be the only thing getting into her stockings this year…

Claire Option 1: Lovely in Lace

What could be more appropriate for the Vagina Ball than a giant lace vagina displayed on your chest? The top steals the show on this one ladies and gentlemen, revealing her sexy black lingerie underneath. Only a spunky black checkered skirt and deep red tights could match the attitude of this vicious vixen. If I were you, I’d be lookin’ out for this hot mama on the dance floor.

Ariana Option 2: Cute and Classy

This classy girl looks like she’s ready for a good time. A red pleated dress compliments her smooth olive skin and evokes thoughts of passion, desire, and lust… but the classic, Marilyn Monroe-esque style with shiny black flats transforms her from your fantasy into your dream girl; intelligent, stylish, and eager to cut the rug at the Vagina Ball.

Claire Option 2: Chic and Simple

This ruby red gumdrop sports a short, simple dress that pegs her as a young and innocent, but don’t be fooled: the drooping shoulder strap and mischievous grin tell another story. She ties the adult image together with a classic black waistband, which takes the look from little girl to grown and sexy.


12 thoughts on “What Should Claire (and Ariana!) Wear to First Friday?

  1. Ariana 1, Claire 1. Hands down, please! I’ll miss you so much, Claire! And yes, Ariana’s bf IS one lucky bastard, she’s very pretty & awesome! 🙂

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