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What Should Claire (and a special guest**) Wear to First (Friday): Ko$her!?

Thanks bunches to Ariana Hirsh for the lovely descriptions =)

First Friday is coming up this SATURDAY (be careful- it’s almost as confusing as daylight savings time), which means it’s time again for the most prized of vice presidential duties:  Help Claire decide what to wear to First Friday! This month we’re being Sabbath friendly with a move to Saturday night, as well a paying homage to Ke$ha in First (Friday): Ko$her.  Also new this month, a guest star by Matt , CQA’s Publicity Chair.  The way it works:  we post two outfit choices (for each one!) with snarky descriptions, you vote on your favorite (also with snarky comments), and then  Claire (and Matt) wears whichever gets the most votes!  So let’s go!

Ahh Claire.  Can’t miss an opportunity to show off those long, luscious lower  limbs.  Here she sports sexy sky high stilettos with some super skimpy shorts to say  “I don’t care if I’m posed in a McBain bathroom stall, I’m still HOT”  Top it all with a boyfriend button up — wait! This wild Claire is too ‘free-spirited’ for a boyfriend, make that shirt from last night’s hot date!
This party girl will fight till she sees the sunlight, or at least until the po po shut her down.  With a leather jacket and high top adidas, her faux rubber skintight leggings will leave tread marks, Claire is ready to hit this city.  Though that animal glint in her eye makes me wonder if love might not be her only drug.

It’s a dirty free for all in there!  Matt’s rough and tumble bad boy mystique shows through in this grunge inspired ensemble.  He’s wearing some badass boots, khaki shorts, and t shirt that could only have been attacked by an animal.  Now that you’re up, Matt, its time to go brush your teeth with a can of four Loko.

A more polished Matt steps onto the dance floor with this look: an upgrade to gray jeans, vest and tie, over a shmatta of a t-shirt. A bit barmitzva boy gone bad, if your lucky, he might just give you your first kiss.

And for your viewing pleasure:


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