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First Friday Theme

Hey everyone!

We’re trying to come up with a theme for the next First Friday dance, and we want you to be involved!  Post your ideas as comments, and I’ll add them to this post.  We’ll take a poll in the middle of the week and see which idea wins!  We’d like the theme to be somewhat/tangentially related to our cosponsor QuAM’s theme of Pride Without Prejudice, and also taking into account the fact that October is Halloween month!

Go crazy!  😀


9 thoughts on “First Friday Theme

  1. Ugh. I’m sure everyone’s mom has nothing better to do than to google “raunchy college gay parties” and slowly sift thru the photos.

  2. Hi CQA!
    This is unoriginal but simple, but when else would people wear costumes to first Friday, so maybe First Friday Halloween Edition: Break out your ghoulish costume, dust off the wigs and cob webs and come to our queer masquerade ball?? We can carve like equality messages onto some pumpkins at the entrance table, have a drag contest show, best costume prize, have a candy bowl, etc.

    Another bolder idea would be to pay tribute to gay icon Lady Gaga who is working on various equality issues, including DADT. She often speaks of Monsters and we can do a play off that and have a “CQA Monster Ball: A Tribute to Lady Gaga” and table and/or have people sign a petition when they enter on a LGBT current issue. She recently did her meat dress, we can encourage people to invent their most creative costume and have a Gaga look a like contest. This is bold and maybe wouldn’t happen, but if we reached out to her publicist/people, do you think she would ever come make an appearance or speak to us?

  3. Hi Guys

    I’m behind what Rene said in the previous comment.

    I’d love to see a parade of “Lady Gaga’s the more of them and the more diverse the better


  4. I love the idea for the costumes, but if you want to bring First Friday away from the Halloween theme you could alway make it a masked ball.

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