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What should Claire wear to First Friday?

First Friday is THIS FRIDAY–get excited!!!  …And help me decide what to wear!  😛  For the wonderful new faces here, “What should Claire wear to First Friday?” is a CQA tradition started last year by then-VP Laura, and subsequently edited into the Vice Presidential duties.  In fact, it may be the most important one…  The way it works:  I post two outfit choices with snarky descriptions, you vote on your favorite (also with snarky comments), and then I wear whichever gets the most votes!  So let’s go!

Outfit 1:  Outfit number 1 features a nice, classy dress–hip AND cute.  The black and gray-flowered dress can be worn with flats or heels, but this week’s combination will feature black flats–no need to start the year with a flailing splash, but a nicely executed ploop into the water.  Get it?  Cuz the theme’s Cruising?  😛

Outfit 2:  Themed to this week’s First Friday: Cruising, outfit number 2 features short black drawstring shorts and a striped top.  Hot heels round this outfit out, making it appropriate for a fabulous setting like First Friday.


17 thoughts on “What should Claire wear to First Friday?

  1. Both outfits are great. If the theme weren’t cruising I would go with the first outfit, but the second one fits the theme better, so that’s my answer. 🙂

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