Gay Los Angeles: Part Two

As my time in Los Angeles comes to a close, I must say that I’ve had the best time of my life here this summer.  And that’s no exaggeration.  However, with my family’s move to Marina del Rey (and later, the OC?), my future life here has been solidified.  As cool as NYC is, I know its sister city to the west is always calling me.  🙂

In recent news, I have two updates.  The first: I went and shadowed my friend at her internship at Equality California (EQCA), one of several organizations at the forefront of gay rights activism.  It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.  This Beverly Hills-nestled office was a little small, but the people working there and the tasks at hand were disproportionately numerous.  We called people to remind them of the Prop 8 court decision (EQCA was organizing a community gathering to discuss the outcome), we updated the blog, we uploaded new fact sheets to the website (which used this super complicated / super awesome interface), etc.  When my friend was doing work that only needed one person, I took the time to read basically everything on the EQCA website.  I feel pretty ignorant saying this, but I really didn’t know the extent of legislation in the works to give the community more rights, whether it’s adoption, marriage, or even the right for minors to seek mental health care.    It really made me realize just how much respect organizations like this do deserve.  Maybe I’ll apply for an internship next summer!

The second update:  I went to The Abbey next week, which is “the best gay bar in the world.” (From its website.)  It certainly was incredible!  It’s a fusion of a restaurant / bar/ club, which I never knew could be combined in such an elegant way.  I felt like a part of the LGBT community for real, because everyone was just out and about, hanging around, getting drinks with their friends, and looking (MEGA) hot.  There was a little cruising thrown in there too, which I appreciated.  :p

My friend and I had dinner and hung around the dance floor, waiting for the music to start.  Sadly, and strangely reminiscent of First Fridays, no one really started dancing until about 11:45pm, but we were dancing basically by ourselves way before that.  It was so much fun!  The DJ was great and it was fun making fools of ourselves.  And after we left, I felt completely satisfied, and not rejected or annoyed when I leave New York clubs without having spoken to anyone new.  It was just a fun time in great weather and in beautiful company, but next time I’ll definitely need to meet some people, just to keep things interesting.

I’m going back to Chicago a week from Saturday, and this weekend I’m planning to go do something fun every night–hopefully I’ll have a good recap when I get home.  Until then, I’ll be enjoying every last second here before I go back to Manhattan.


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