"Gay ____" Summer Blogging / update

Gay Austin

So my adventures in Austin for the summer have started. I’ve been in Austin since June 2nd, and so far I LOVE IT. Austin is the little blue dot of Texas, and it holds that title in amazing ways. On June 5th, Austin’s (now annual) Pride Parade occurred, and it was pretty awesome. Parading in a loop across 1st St Bridge, into downtown Austin and back to the south side of the bridge, the pride parade was certainly something to watch. I stood on Congress bridge which is about a quarter mile away from 1st street bridge and the view of the parade going by just as the sun set was picturesque.

Austin has a bunch of gay dance clubs and bars in its downtown area. I’ve managed to get to three of them so far – Oilcan Harry’s, or OCH for short, Rain and Kiss N Fly. I was at OCH pretty early in the night (~11) so I can’t really give too much judgment on it, though I feel that it’s a place for older men and women. Kiss N Fly, however, was awesome. Great music (though some repeats, which could’ve easily been avoided), great company, two floors with a raised dance floor on the first (a bit small too) but it was a lot of fun. Rain, however, was definitely the best. On Fridays it’s 18+, and a good amount of young people show up. The music was definitely the easiest to dance to out of all three, as well as having a great mix of remixes and of originals.

So far, those are my adventures! Talk to ya’ll soon!


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