Gay Los Angeles

To preface this post, I’d like to say that since arriving here, I sadly haven’t been able to partake in too many gay activities (of any kind); therefore, this will be about my general experience in Los Angeles, with a gay twist.  It is also (supposed to be) interlaced with the love and loyalty I feel to LA, because I seriously have thought about living here every single day since I left almost 6 years ago.  True love, I believe!

Anyway, I arrived the Sunday before last, and was thrilled, to say the least.  I used to live in LA before I moved to dreary Chicago, and it had been many long, empty years since I had been back home.  I took an internship with the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research (IMBCR), because 1. I’m premed and need to do research, 2. I was considering an MD/PhD and wanted to figure out my life, and 3. it was based in West Hollywood, the gay mecca of SoCal.

Needless to say, my internship started out great–the people were incredibly friendly and willing to let me do different experiments–they even gave me my own cell lines and let me do Western blots for different proteins, immunohistochemical assays, etc (I’m geeking out, I know, but it’s just so cool)!!  I work 9 to about 5 every day, which is hard, but it goes by quick.  I’ve also been hitting the gym everyday after work, so I’m pretty proud of myself.  Note: I do NOT mean this to be self-promoting in any way; I’m just very impressed I’m not being lazy!  However, the steaming Hollywood men that happen to work out at my gym give me enough motivation as it is.  😀

This past weekend, I got to hang out with the other Columbia interns in LA after not seeing them for a few months, and we had a great time.  We laid out at the beach, talked a lot, and just enjoyed the breeze.  When it got too cold to be half naked on the sand, we decided to pick up some dinner and sit in on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which was being projected on the wall of a mausoleum in a Hollywood cemetery.  It was so bizarre, creepy, and indie—definitely reminded me of NYC, and even made me miss it a little bit.  After the movie ended, some of the group left to go to the clubs in WeHo, but I ditched out because I’m not of age / I was EXHAUSTED!  When we were leaving the cemetery, though, I got to see two really cute gay couples walking and holding hands—I squealed several times.  I don’t see that enough, so it was such a treat!

On Sunday I got to go shopping for stuff for my new apartment, and I made sure the friend I was with and I stayed around WeHo for lunch.  And wow, was I impressed!  The food was delish, and the men were INCREDIBLE.  I’m not sure if anyone reading this has ever been to WeHo before, but those men….wow.  I saw so many buff, toned, masculine dudes just walking around, holding hands (again—so CUTE!), puffing out their chests trying their hardest to cruise, chewing on veggies, drinking smoothies, etc.  It was absolutely incredible.  I must have been sitting at that lunch table with my mouth hanging open because I was so flabbergasted.  And there were no straighties in sight!  Everyone knows that I love straight people, but sometimes it’s just so nice to feel completely in touch with a large mass of people, knowing you all have something in common, knowing you’ve shared the same hardships and dealt with the same shit…it meant a lot to me.  I haven’t really ever gotten that sense in NYC, even in the gay neighborhoods down there, which is why I think I appreciated it so much.

In any case, it certainly got me to thinking.  I had heard so many different things about WeHo.  The men are so full of themselves, they’re clique-y, they’re beautiful, and they’re jacked out of their minds, among other things.  But for some reason, none of the negatives entered into my mind.  I think it’s probably because I have this idea of LA where nothing will ever go wrong.  Everything is projected as absolutely perfect, and I feel like there does exist evidence to back up this claim: the weather!  The friendly people!  The OCEAN!  The lifestyle!  Everything fits so well with what I want to be, and what seems to me to be best for the world.  Everyone just loves it here, and I think everyone all over the place should love it just as much!

Also, one of the other interns at IMBCR told me today that he went to a gay bar with some of his girl friends, just to see what it was like.  And yes, he’s straight (and cute).  Score!  As I wrote about in one of my last posts, I love straight men that are totally down with the gays.  It makes me feel safe. J

All-in-all, LA seems to be my calling.  I love New York, but my experience here has been everything I’ve wanted it to be and more.  And it’s only been a week.  I absolutely can’t wait to see what these next 7 weeks hold.

No exciting stories, I know, but just wait!  Who knows what shenanigans lie around the corner in a city of lust and love? 😀


One thought on “Gay Los Angeles

  1. I recently relocated from New York City, my hometown, to West Hollywood. So far, it has been an “okay” experience, the weather definitely makes up for what it lacks. I am going through an adjustment. Nice to hear you’re doing a wonderful internship and enjoying your time in the sunshine. Write me an email if you’re interested in meeting for a cafe. (FYI: I am the former president and treasurer of the CQA, graduated from CC in 2004).
    All my best,

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