I was browsing the Advocate website the other day, and I saw an article titled, “Pro Gay Wrestler Wins ACC Title.”  Being as lazy as I am, my eyes glazed over the “pro” part and just saw “gay wrestler,” so, being an avid fan of guys with hot bodies, I took a look at the body of the article.

I was surprised to find that this was actually coverage of a wrestler who, though straight, “gained notoriety off the mat for his ardent support of equal rights for gay and lesbian people.”  Apparently, he wore an HRC (Human Rights Campaign) sticker on his headgear in-season, and continues to speak out for gay rights.

This made me sit back and smile.  As a member of a collegiate sports team, I have to admit that upon entering that scene, I was really afraid of what the atmosphere would be like.  Would I have to go back in the closet so as to not cause any trouble?  Would the guys not like me just because my wrist gets a little loose from time to time?  As I gradually opened up and got to know the team, however, I realized that it was perfectly okay to be gay and be on a sports team.  I know that may sound silly, but quite frankly I had nothing else to base my fears off of except the negative portrayals of ‘mos in athletics.  I was closeted for all of my high school club sports career, so I was used to it anyway.  As I said, though, the team is a great supporter of me and all my gayness.  They joke with me, confide in me, train with me, and all the things I could ask from any (straight or gay) friend of mine.

It just warms my heart (I know, awww….) when people in stereotypically homophobic communities “come out” in their own way as a supporter of ours.  Now, this isn’t to diminish the support I have from allies from any other community, be it liberal or conservative.  I’m just saying, based off of my personal experience, it’s comforting to know that hopefully someone will feel more comfortable with him or herself because of the courage of this guy to support the LGBT community, regardless of the stigma.

I’ve linked the article below, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my random thought for the day.  Sorry if it’s not as amazing of a piece as you were hoping for, but I hope you at least read the article! 🙂


Photo credit from/See the article here.


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