on-campus lgbt / update

BREAKING: We Won THE King’s Crown Impact Award

The certificate reads: “On this April 29, 2010 this certificate of recognition is presented to COLUMBIA COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL, COLUMBIA QUEER ALLIANCE, EVERYONE ALLIED AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA, AND GENDEREVOLUTION for the collaborative spirit demonstrated in raising campus awareness and developing a policy initiative that positively contributed to creating a more inclusive and welcoming community.”

Read: Though we (the Administration) didn’t authorize your Gender-Neutral Housing Proposal, we still recognize that you did a big thing by arousing a campus dialogue about gender identity issues.

Wooo! Now we just need them to pass the policy for the 2011-2012 school year. It will get done. Sean is meeting with Dean Shollenberger next week to continue the process, and we’ll have a new proposal submitted to Dean Moody-Adams and Dean Pena-Mora by early September. We’ll keep you updated on the process as it unfolds.


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