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What should Claire wear to Last Friday?

Have you heard?  This week’s First Last Friday is going to be the most fabulous thing evar!  But, as always, I need your help deciding what to wear!  (Nico won’t be joining us this time since he refused to have “drag” be one of his options and no lameness is ever allowed in this post.)

This time though, you have a much bigger decision to make than simply what outfit I’ll be wearing…  In keeping with the drag theme of Last Friday, you have to decide not only what I’ll wear, but also what I’ll be.

So:  Claire the drag king, or Claire the faux queen?  It’s up to you!

No pictures this time–I wouldn’t want to spoil the WHOLE show for you, now would I?  Plus, this just means you’ll have to come to the dance to find out what kind of fabulous I end up being.  Instead, find some highlights and teaser pictures (from the internets) of each outfit below:

Claire the bioqueen will feature a fabulous dress, complete with peacock print and rhinestones; over-the-top eye make up; four-inch heels; lots of leg and LOTS of sass (bring it on boys).

OR: Claire the drag king will include macho fake facial hair (likely Sharpied on); stoic shirt and pants combination;  concealed and disguised hairdo; and lots of checking out women and getting sandwiches made for her him.

Who do you want Claire to be at the Last Friday dance and drag pageant this Friday?  It’s entirely up to you–leave your vote in the comments below!


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