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Columbia Political Union Conversation on “Gay Rights”

This week yours truly joined Amnesty International co-president Joy Achuonjei, Columbia Democrats president Kate O’Gorman, Cub Pub (the Columbia Political Union [CPU] blog) contributor Bruce Garro, and Cub Pub editor-in-chief Ismail Muhammed for a CPU “Cubcast” on “Gay Rights.” The conversation started with the gender-neutral housing debate at Columbia — and for all of you out there in webland, the new administrator speak for this is “open housing” — where I spoke about the history of the process and what will happen moving forward. If you already feel versed in this issue, I’d recommend moving onto the second segment (which can be found after the jump) regarding the Federal ban on allowing LGBT soldiers to serve openly in the military. It was really fun playing the role of “politico” on this issue with the different students in the interview. The third segment focused on the general importance of gay rights in the political world, which is probably the most “debate” oriented portion of this podcast.  Muhammed reigned the debate back in and moved the conversation towards the current court case to repeal Proposition 8 in California. This led into a more general conversation about the marriage equality movement in California. Finally, panelists discussed how religion and race play into the levels of progress that the “gay rights” movement has made.

Hopefully people felt like CQA was well-represented at this forum. However, please feel free to post any reactions that you had to anything that was said at this latest podcast!

Other segments of the podcast included after the jump!


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