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What Will Nico/Claire Wear to First Friday?

As you all know, Laura was the pioneer and original model of the “What Will Laura Wear to First Friday?” series. Now, the wonderful Claire Duvallet (New VP) and the dashing Nico Barragán (New Secretary) will be trying to follow in her footsteps. That means you get to choose what we wear to First Friday! Here are the options for First Friday: DEEPER.

For Nico, we forced him to actually pull up his jeans for once (no baggy jeans anymore).

Option A:  Nico, the Abercrombie boy.  Option A features tasty, fitted dark jeans paired with a white undershirt and striped button-up shirt.  The shirt, of course, will be worn unbuttoned–how on earth else would you expect a true Abercrombie boy to wear it?  Vote for Option A if you want to see Nico channel his “probably-too-cool-for-you” persona, while making you not care at all that he’s “probably too cool”–because he’s so damn hot!

Option B:  Leaning toward a more foreign, classy look, Option B features Nico’s infamous white pants–worn without sag (lest he feel the persistent wrath of Claire’s nagging) coupled with a nice, patterned gray shirt.  Choose Option B if you want Nico to be as mysterious as his shirt–a cross between a shirt and polo with an unnamed square-pattern–and of course, dashingly handsome in his wonderful white jeans.

In Claire’s case, we dug the only two articles of clothing that weren’t sweaters out of the back of her closet.

Option A is a somewhat more of a sophisticated look: a fun yet elegant purple shirt, complemented nicely with a pair of classy black pants. Her black-framed glasses complement the sexy bookworm vibe. Choose Option A if you want Claire to strut her naughty professor persona on the dancefloor: she may kick ass at advanced physics, but she also knows how to party!

Option B: Here she is, at her sexiest. Option B is a dangerously short shirt/skirt with sultry black tights. Miss Duvallet is somewhat of a conservative dresser, but for us she’s willing to bare it all (because we’re making her). This ensemble is more conducive to getting down and dirty: she’s ready to go DEEPER. Plus, look at the playful pose: who wouldn’t want to see that sexy bitch looking at you from across the dancefloor?

Leave a comment below to vote, and see you tomorrow!!!


13 thoughts on “What Will Nico/Claire Wear to First Friday?

  1. you know my votes already, but i’ll post them just to make it clear

    also great job on the caption writing guys

  2. Claire: Be a sexy beast. Wear ze red!
    Nico: You look like a thug – it’s rather cool. I’d go with the first option.

  3. Well Claire, as said before over Facebook, I would go with the sexy look. I mean, come on, what else would you wear? Nico, I don’t know you but I’m voting anyway: go with the first look. Dark wash jeans look good on everybody.

  4. Nico: option A, Abercrombie-bad boy option
    Claire: option red and I want to see the dirty dancing that goes with it!

  5. Nico, I would go with the second choice (option b). It really makes you seem more approachable, and also the look is one of a guy that actually cares. It just make you seem more engaging and honest.

    Claire, I would go with option A. It seems fun but not over the top.

    I hope you find these comments useful or at least fun to read.

  6. LOL on Claire’s mom posting a comment! That’s the type of thing that we are looking for with these posts! Hahaha…
    I say option B for both of you! And you better cat walk it also, and kareoke!

    – MLTG

  7. OMG. This is so exciting.

    Nico, you look SO HOT in option two! I love the foreign look.

    Claire, duh option two. SEX. love it.

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