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Another Notable LGBTQ Columbian

Well lookie here! Rostam Batmanglij CC ’06 and member of Vampire Weekend is an out-and-proud gay musician: love it! No word on whether or not he was a member of CQA in his college days, but this interview that he did with Out Magazine at least indicates that he’s interested in being an activist of sorts even though he’s out in the “real world.” How fabulous.

Oh, and Batmanglij and the rest of Vampire Weekend were on SNL this past Saturday, and look what strap Batmanglij pulled out for the occasion.

And, apparently, “Diplomat’s Son” is about a “a six-minute dancehall song about a gay relationship.” I can’t figure it out yet, but maybe y’all in the blogosphere are savvy enough to decipher the message!


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