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Pick Laura’s Outfit!

Yes, you read the title right! It’s time for another round of Pick Laura’s Outfit! This week’s outfits are inspired by our First Friday theme, Georgia O’Keeffe, featuring interesting prints and spring colors. One of them even has flowers!

So which one will it be? Outfit #1 (on the left), featuring polka dots? Or Outfit #2 with the flowers? You, dear reader, get to decide!

The excitement is nearly killing me. I can’t wait to learn which dress you will choose!

A special thanks to Steven Pfau, who was the fabulous photographer of this shot. How did he get two Laura’s you ask? Simple! I have multiple personalities, and chirpy Laura (the one of the left) was happy to help out. It’s kind of a special occasion, we hardly get to see her. Dark Laura on the other hand (on the right), well….

Anyways, leave your choice in the comment box, and make sure to come to First Friday to see which outfit won!


17 thoughts on “Pick Laura’s Outfit!

  1. I agree that the one on the left makes you look more pure. Then again, the one on the right makes you look more down-and-dirty-and-sexy.

    So I say…………………………………………….. left. Just because.

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