Gayings On About Town

Bryant Park hosts its last-ever Fashion Week before the event moves “onward and upward to Lincoln Center!” (Hint: should you ever want to sneak into a fashion show, don’t be caught holding a bag of cupcakes from Crumb. As a friend of mine discovered this week, nothing sends up red flags at a fashion show like being seen with calories.)

Playwright Alexi Kaye Campbell wows audiences at the Lucille Lortel Theatre with his new play The Pride, a story of two gay men in 1958 London struggling with the closet and—what else?—lots and lots of sexual tension.

Still stumped for spring break vacation plans? Look no further than Out NYC, the new, unfortunately named, apparently $20 million(?!) gay boutique hotel opening in Hell’s Kitchen with (of course) its very own dance club! Okay, maybe not this spring break, but once you, you know… actually have an income, and don’t live, uh… four miles away? Still, cool idea.

Oh, and why is NYC’s queer scene otherwise so quiet this weekend? Because (almost) all of CQA’s having a blast at IvyQ in Philly! Have no fear, though: the life of the party will be back tomorrow!


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