It’s Queer! Whoops, I Mean “It’s Here!” It’s Finally Here [and Queer]!

Columbia Queer AllianceThe IvyQ Conference is finally here, and we at CQA couldn’t be more excited! It’s been over a year in the works, but on Friday morning (2/19/2010 @ 6:15am) forty of us are going to get on the bus to UPenn for an exciting weekend with other LGBTQIA people from around the Ivy League. Here is an email from the event chair, Baylee Feore, that was sent out last night:

“IvyQ is just three days away!  I hope you are all as excited as I am.  IF YOU CAN NO LONGER ATTEND, please email registration@ivyq.org along with your school representative (Sean – smu2106@columbia.edu), informing us.  If you are arranging your own transportation and not traveling in a bus or van organized through your school or with your school representative, please email registration@ivyq.org and [Sean] to inform us of your travel plans, expected arrival time, etc.

If you haven’t yet received a housing assignment, don’t freak out.  We’re putting the finishing touches on the matches and you will have the information before traveling to Penn.

The dress code for the conference is casual.  There will be a nicer dinner/reception event on Saturday night to celebrate the conference, and I’ll just say, dress to impress.  If that means suit and tie or a dress that will make my eyes pop out, that’s cool, and if it means jeans and chucks that’s cool too.  We just prefer you don’t come in your rattiest clothes.

There will also be a career panel and career fair on Saturday where you will have the opportunity to meet our sponsors (www.ivy.org/sponsors).  Feel free to bring your resume to the events.”

For more information about the conference, please see the IvyQ website. Can’t wait to see y’all there on Friday!


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