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Pick Laura’s outfit!

As promised my dear reader, this semester YOU will get to decide what I should wear to First Friday! I am stoked to hear what you have to say about the two options laid out tonight. Since our theme this month is “Black or White,” I have narrowed the options to…well pretty much black and white. Some allowances are permitted. So without further ado, to the wardrobe!

Note: click to see larger images. If one of the links appears broken, click on the image to see it.

Option 1: Laura has termed this option, “What most sorority girls would chose to wear…” which is why perhaps you have never seen her wear it before. That, and also, the dress is new. This “sexy” (quotations intentional) outfit features a strapless short black dress with the option of a blue or black studded belt, black stockings, and bootie heels. Laura reserves the right to layer a cashmere J.Crew sweater on top of the dress as part of her usual tradition.

Option 2: “Lace and Rock and Roll…” features a black lacy top with transparency (woo! cleavage!) with the spice of dark-wash skinny jeans and a rocker-biker looking wool sweater (haha you’ll never guess where I got that one!…J.Crew). Like the previous outfit, Laura would pair the ensemble with heeled booties or, weather allowing, strappy black heels. Laura feels this outfit oozes a “bad chick” attitude that would complement her dark side very well.

In going with the theme, Laura has chosen to wear one of the only white pieces in her wardrobe, affectionately termed “the Emma Frost coat.” This beauty of a thing is sure to keep its owner toasty–but not happy! The Emma Frost coat is known to make its wearer talk back with serious ‘tude and fake Britishness. Laura reserves this coat (and inferior character) to situations where the weather has decided to be dreadful (yes, the weather is a choice, in Laura’s head), or for very special occasions–such as the first First Friday of the semester!

Now, back to the first person.

As part of this blog series, I also want readers to get to know me a little bit better. Hence, I would like to introduce you to Jerry, the rainbow-colored (very gay friendly) teddy bear. Jerry is a happy-go-lucky bear who likes to day-dream and swing. His favorite color is rainbow and he believes in unicorns. Some rumor that all of Laura’s happiness and warm childhood feelings have been magically locked in Jerry so that she would not have to deal with them on a daily basis, or feel remorse as she secretly plans to take over the world. I deny all such rumors–but hey, HEY! Stay away from the bear! Kudos and extra brownie points to those who get the reference (leave your thoughs on the comments) =D

So which will it be? A leggy, sororotite (?) Laura, or a rocker/romantic chic ticket lady? You have the power! So use it, or face Laura’s mighty (5 foot) wrath of a being. She knows who you are, where you live, and how to effectively ruin your prized Ralph Lauren sweaters…

xoxo – L


7 thoughts on “Pick Laura’s outfit!

  1. Yay! First vote.

    I’m going to go with ‘sororotite’ Laura, with a preference for the blue belt over the black. I think it would be an insanely interesting exercise in personifying the oxymoron…

    Oh, and Jerry is lovely. <3.

  2. Ha HA – I haven’t any Ralph Lauren sweaters to be ruined! *raises index finger triumphantly* Actually, I think I too would like to experience this rare sighting of sorority girl Laura, so I vote for option 1 with the black belt!

  3. Sorority girl Laura, of course! And blue belt too, definitely.

    PS next month, these pictures better be of you modeling the outfits…silly 😛

  4. Ditto on Claire: you need to wear the outfits!!! We want modelll Laura.

    I’m gonna to pick option 3: you and the Emma Frost coat. And that’s it. 😀

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