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NoH8 Photo Op TODAY & “Big Gay Meetup” Tomorrow

Two great events are coming up today and tomorrow, both of which I learned about via Blake Hayes’ EQUALITY ARMY listserv. If you’re looking to get similar updates it’s pretty easy and not at all invasive–trust me, I get tons of emails a day and this one is short, fun to read, and painless. Copied below are the two events, both which sound pretty sweet and can get you all off-campus:

MONDAY (today!) 2pm-8pm: get your NoH8 tattoo and photograph… join thousands of faces in speaking out against discriminatory laws like Prop 8.  (This is the campaign that Cindy and Meghan McCain just posed for!)  It’s at the Empire Hotel in NYC on W 63rd.  Follow the link to the facebook page:

TUESDAY (tomorrow) 6pm-8:30pm:  “Big Gay Meetup” — come share your ideas and join members of various grassroots organizations to talk about new ways to push forward with the fight for full LGBT equality.  Even if you don’t have ideas to share — it’ll be great to listen, network, and meet people who are active in this movement.  PLEASE BRING STRAIGHT FRIENDS!!  Allies outside the LGBT community are incredibly important!!!  Facebook invite here. LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. Between 7th/8th Ave.  Room 101.

Let us know if you end up going and how it was!


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