PGP: Preferred gender peeing

Ever bring your Nalgene to that seminar of yours in Hamilton only to discover, 32 fl. oz. of H2O later, that you have no idea on which floor to find your restroom of choice? Chances are you’ve experienced this problem, one especially salient if you’re trans: apart from just finding a place where you can go, actually feeling safe and comfortable in a gendered bathroom can be a serious problem for gender-nonconforming individuals. That’s why GendeRevolution, Columbia’s transgender rights and advocacy group, will be having a bathroom mapping campaign this Friday! Come to the Donaldson Lounge for free snacks and drinks, then join GR in mapping bathrooms around Columbia and Barnard, compiling a resource for students as well as information for administrators, who we hope will take action to find safer and more accessible bathrooms for students of all gender identities.

Again, the info is:
WHO? GendeRevolution—and you!
WHAT? Bathroom mapping campaign!
WHEN? 4:00 pm on Friday, February 5.
WHERE? The Stephen Donaldson Lounge (in the basement of Furnald).
WHY? Equal rights for everyone with a bladder… and also, uh, because there’s free food.


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