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Third Thursday, Fashion Choices, and Unhealthy amounts of Tea…

The State of the Union adress is happening right now, which means many of you wont probably read this until later, when I am totally passed out from my flu. Conversely, I may also be in lala land from having over 8 cups of tea to treat such flu, but that is for another day.When you do read this however, you will rejoice, for we have our next topic for our February Third Thursday (actually occurring on the Fourth Thursday of the Month because the gods decided that was the only day that Minerva could make it).

Our next political/activist event will focus on gender lines in the LGBTQ movement, and discuss such questions as “why is the ‘T’ in LGBTQ” and “why do lesbians and gays sit at opposite sides of the table” among others. Interested in helping out or adding to the discussion? Make sure to email me at with your suggestions!

In other exciting news, starting next week I will have a monthly event, called “What should Laura wear?” Laura (we are talking in third person now, see as I slowly but surely sink into insanity due to tea overdose) has often had a problem when a First Friday arrives: What should she wear?

This conundrum has often resulted in inappropriately hilarious choices, such as rolled up jeans and J. Crew sweaters (for that great ‘soccer mom’ look). And lets face it, who wears a J. Crew sweater to a dance party?

In “What should Laura wear?” YOU, the reader, get to decide what Laura should wear to First Friday, and watch her (awkwardly) strut her stuff as she takes your tickets for the event. What could be funner? Except of course, going to First Friday…So lend me your fashion knowledge as Laura attempts to understand the subtle ways of skinny jeans and strapless dresses in next’s week edition of “What should Laura Wear?” (Brought to you and sponsored by CQA and tea)

See you then, brave believers! I’m off to eat a planet…

– L


One thought on “Third Thursday, Fashion Choices, and Unhealthy amounts of Tea…

  1. Haha… be sure to save Omicron Persei 8 for me! I usually develop a planet-sized hunger right around bedtime. Good luck with that tea addiction, though… I hear Laura’s tea habits are propping up around 15% of India’s GDP these days =P

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