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Federal Prop 8 Trial Switches Team

You may have heard about the federal Prop 8 trial that is going right now in Perry v Schwarzenegger which challenges the validity of Proposition 8 in California. Well, the plaintiffs have just rested their case and now it’s time for Prop 8 supporters to begin their case. Towleroad has been providing a pretty good synopsis of the whole thing so far, reporting this of the closing statements:

Plaintiffs in the federal challenge to Proposition 8 will rest their case on Monday. Attorney David Boies told the Wall Street Journal, “We’re pleased with the way it has gone.” According to the American Foundation for Equal Rights, “Before resting their case, the plaintiffs will present documents and videos that reinforce points made during the first two weeks of trial.”   Towleroad

Interested in knowing more about the conversation about marriage equality? You can keep updated on what’s going on by following the American Equal Rights twitter account as well as keeping your eye out on blogs about the trial. You can also contact our board if you’re interested in getting involved with the National Marriage Boycott, a unique movement designed to boycott marriage until we all can.


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