first-year guide / update

First-Year Guide #2: So Many Resources!

As we spoke about before, there are tons of clubs and programs on-campus dedicated to LGBTQ students. While absolutely fantastic, at times it can be a bit overwhelming. A great first place to look while trying to figure out the LGBTQ scene on-campus is Barnard’s new LGBTQ website which has information about just about every LGBTQ club and a few programs and hot-spots. Although it’s a pretty comprehensive website already, here’s a few extra’s we might add:

  • Barnard’s site contains a great section about the Stephen Donaldson Lounge (as does the OMA’s site) but it’s also fun to add that this is where the Columbia Queer Alliance meets on Sundays!
  • Another resource spot for LGBTQ students is the Intercultural Resource Center, a building managed through the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Located on 114th Street near Broadway, the building holds a number of amazing events and is also where you can find the LGBTQ Programming Advisor, Lea Robinson.
  • More programs which work with the LGBTQ program specifically are the Columbia Mentoring Initiative, the Gay Health Advocacy Project, and the LGBTQ Retreat!

No matter what clubs, organizations, and services you choose to access while here at Columbia, we hope that you will stay connected to the LGBTQ community in some way. And hey, a wonderfully easy way to do so is by checking this site often!

As always, send us any questions you may have by heading to our Contact page and shooting us an email!


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